Foner's Dissertation

This dissertation describes Yenta, including the general architecture of which Yenta is a part, the motivations for the work, and results from a pilot study. You can retrieve the entire document as a single file, or individual chapters, and as either PDF or compressed Postscript (.ps.gz). Note that the uncompressed Postscript for a couple of chapters (Sample Application Diagrams and Evaluation Diagram) are very large---between 10 and 20 megabytes---and that the uncompressed Postscript for the entire dissertation is 44 megabytes. The PDF formats, of course, are much smaller; the entire dissertation as PDF is 2.2 megabytes.

A special note about the text format---it should only be used if you're searching the text or some other operation that requires flat text, and you should read a different format to get the actual content first. Its format will certainly be messed up compared to PS and PDF, and there is no guarantee that all the text is actually there, due to limitations in the text conversion process. It also contains characters with their high bit set, which may cause your editor or mailer to misbehave. You have been warned! [There may eventually be a native-HTML version of this document, but it doesn't exist yet.]

ChapterFormats available
---Entire document--- PostscriptPDF Text
FrontMatter PostscriptPDF Text
Table of contents PostscriptPDF Text
List of Figures PostscriptPDF Text
Introduction PostscriptPDF Text
System Architecture PostscriptPDF Text
Privacy and Security PostscriptPDF Text
Yvette Diagrams PostscriptPDF Text
Sample Application PostscriptPDF Text
Sample Application Diagrams PostscriptPDF Text
Evaluation PostscriptPDF Text
Evaluation Diagram PostscriptPDF Text
Related Work PostscriptPDF Text
Conclusions PostscriptPDF Text
References PostscriptPDF Text

Lenny Foner
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