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Imagine these four scenarios:

You write software, and you've having trouble with a particular tool. Somebody else just down the hall is using the same tool as part of what they're doing. But even though both of you talk every day, neither of you knows this -- after all, this tool is just a little part of your job, and you don't tell everybody you meet about every single thing you do all day. Yenta can tell you about this shared interest.

You're a technical recruiter. You'd like to find companies looking for people to hire, and people who are looking to be hired for your existing clients. They need privacy and anonymity, so the people they're working for now don't know they're looking. You need to be able to show them a good reputation, backed up by satisfied clients. Yenta is private and secure, and has a reputation system. Everybody's happy.

You're a doctor doing some research on an rare condition. Another doctor is doing the same sorts of research, but you don't know about each other. Maybe you're an academic, but you don't have enough to publish yet. Or perhaps you're a clinician, and don't realize that you're looking at a small part of a much bigger public-health problem. Yenta can help bring the two of you together, along with others who are studying the same problem.

You have an unusual interest, but you can't find anyone else who seems to share it. Maybe it's something embarrassing, that most people don't want to talk about publicly, so doing a web search hasn't turned up much. Yenta can help find others who share the interest, even if they don't publish about it. And it can keep the interest private, to only those who trust each other.

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