Yenta documentation

This tree holds Yenta's documentation -- if you want Yenta itself, start here

Note that some of this documentation is of use only to Yenta developers, while other parts are conceivably of use to all of Yenta's users. This tree is minimally-populated as of this release, but is expected to grow over time.

In general, this tree reflects only the current release of Yenta, and not past releases. If it becomes important to freeze the documentation for some release(s) while later releases happen, this page will be appropriately updated to point at the historical information.

What's here

The vast majority of Yenta's user documentation ships with the Yenta application itself. This tree therefore holds only those files that are used rarely enough that they are not worth shipping in every single binary, or which are expected to change extremely rarely (e.g., not with every release), or which are of use primarily to developers who are working on Yenta and wish to understand its source code.

This tree is not yet fully populated! More items will appear soon.

Lenny Foner
Last modified: Sat Mar 20 16:54:28 EST 1999