Power dynamics, cyberspace, and civil liberties

Note: Nothing in these pages has been updated since 1995 or so. You may find dated material.

These pages attempt to answer the question, "How is ubiquitous networking forcing certain political issues?" My primary focus here is in examining civil liberties issues. I will occasionally also make forays into intellectual property issues where they seem germane, but do not intend to cover them in as much depth.

For the most part, these pages serve as a link farm, pointing off to resources all over the net. The issues are enormous in scope; I do not claim to cover them all in any depth here, but instead am offering a starting point for exploration---a sort of "one-stop shopping" nexus for a particular set of issues. This is not just an unordered, unannotated set of links, as one might get from a search engine, given some magic set of search parameters. Neither is it an annotated bibliography. Instead, these links are embedded in a narrative to give them comprehensibility and coherence, and I examine many of the same examples through multiple viewpoints or dimensions of analysis. In short, I am taking several slices through the same material to illustrate ongoing trends.

My coverage is a topical snapshot through a set of subjects that interest me; if you feel that I should add links to particular places, or cover particular subjects, please let me know, but be aware that I am not claiming to be comprehensive. (If you have a similar link farm that you believe is complementary, let me know and I'll link to it if you like.)

Your next stop is presumably the table of contents, which serves as the jumping-off point for these various slices.

Lenny Foner